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Selina (SLNA) is Going Public via SPAC - Investment Analysis

Selina (SLNA) is Going Public via SPAC - Investment Analysis

On their website you can read that Selina provides guests with beautiful places to stay, travel, and work abroad indefinitely. 

Plus, we use our in-depth local knowledge to create thousands of authentic activities and experiences in over 134 destinations worldwide. From the heart of urban cities to the depth of the Amazon Jungle, we put our heart, soul, and wanderlust into providing forever-travelers, break-takers, and staycaters with a new and exciting way to explore the world. 

The deal includes a $70 million private investment in public equity, or PIPE, from South Light Capital, MORE Investment House, and Ronald Cohen. The merger is forecast to settle in the first half of 2022, with the company trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SLNA.”

Selina manages 134 properties worldwide. The company has placed bets that trends in remote working, wellness-focused lifestyles, and subscription models will gain momentum over time. Last year it bought Remote Year, a subscription-based remote working program.

I love this company but lets go over the pros and cons. I also like the trends in the industry, as we can see, they all match with Selina brand and product:

1. Bleisure travelers & hotel work spaces

2. Holistic hospitality, health & well-being 

3. Digitalized guest experiences

4. Personalization

5. Experience economy & essentialism

7. Solo travel

8. Sustainability

10.  Traveling less (& Staycations).

The company’s valuation is about 4 times its estimated enterprise value. That’s broadly in line with current valuations for major hotel groups. Intercontinental Hotels Group trades at a market capitalization of 3.8 times its revenue, while Hilton and Wyndham trade at 5.8 times their annualized revenue.

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