Dec 14, 2021 • 15M

Stocks Sell-off - Market, Jerome Powell and Sell the Rumor, Buy the New

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Pfizer & Solana are trending on Twitter

All omicron cases for which there is available information were either asymptomatic or mild, European health authorities said. Pfizer pill stops hospitalization but not milder symptoms.

When they had unvaccinated people use it within 3 days or the appearance of symptoms, it reduced hospitalizations by 89%.

This is bullish. Slowly we are making progress back towards normality, though it may not feel like it.

And Solana getting hyped and trashed on Social Media, on one side, Justin Kan (twitch cofounder) released “Fractal” a Solana-based market place for gaming NFT, but on the other side, they got hacked.

Jerome Powell at it again

Jerome Powell is expected to kick off Fed tapering—at a quicker pace than predicted a month ago as inflation surges.

Fed officials will meet today and tomorrow. Powell will have a post-meeting press conference tomorrow at 2:30 p.m

Tesla touching 940

Elon Musk is accelerating his disposal of Tesla Inc. shares after last month’s Twitter poll, as he exercises more options. The world’s richest person offloaded another 934,091 shares for about $906.5 million to cover taxes on the exercise of 2.1 million options. He’s already sold almost 12 million shares since he pledged on Twitter to get rid of 10% of his Tesla stake – which would amount to about 17 million shares without taking into account his exercisable options.

NU Holdings (Nubank) falling

After the IPO, Nu Holdings are at 10 usd/share. After just 3 days of trading, the bank is worth 46 Billion but might be to overvalued for investors in this climate. The Warren Buffet backed bank might need some time to justify such a valuation but in the meantime, we’ll probably see it below 10.

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0:00 - Intro

2:15 - Market Update

4:00 - Jerome Powell and Central Banks

5:50 - Pfizer Pill UBS Buy

8:05 - Tesla at 930

9:45 - Elon Musk Doge and Crypto

10:50 - Solana

12:00 - Nu Holdings Nubank

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